My name is Joonas Viljami Huhta and I live in Rovaniemi, Finland. I’m a Bahá’í and have a family of six and a Senior Mutant Ninja Turtle that throws cartwheels and backflips with a special skill: play dead on back.

Ever since I was fifteen and read my first book The Da Vinci Code in English (checking every third word from the dictionary), I have been dreaming of writing my own book.  Now at the age of thirty, I’m writing supernatural thrillers that blend learning new things with psychology.

I’m a teacher. I can teach you nothing, but I can make you aware of many things. Nobody can hammer or implant knowledge into one’s head, not yet.

In my blog I’ll be discussing phenomenon that divide humanity from itself and what will make us truly care. Because I love reading a lot, I will also write on storytelling—everything from the little secrets of the creation of book covers and story structure to the key elements of back cover blurbs. My ultimate goal is to share knowledge so that you can help yourself to make your story and narrative voice shine.

PS. If you’re interested in beta reading my current story or a novel swap, contact me. The truth is that nobody writes a book alone. Even ghostwriting is much more common practice among big authors than most people realize.