Working Titles


While NaNoWriMo is approaching like an angry bull (which you must tame and take by the horns and ride till sunset!), I’m thinking up new titles for my next book, as a source of inspiration. Here are some ideas. See if you can draw any inspiration!

Icon of Ignorance

Green Day Cradle

Supreme Horizon

Foxhole Atheist

Open Secret

Toxic Trigger

Black Pit

A Walk Through Casket Options

Too Late To Be Good

Immutable Purpose

Symbol of Hope

Pitch-Black Progress

Offshoot Orchard

House of Innocence

Pure Dark Wisdom

Pure Evil Form

Last Sign of Peace

Peace Signs

Unrecognized Evil

Farewell to Disarmament

Absence of Evidence

Clowns in Suits

Nonsense Poopypants

Dishonored Courage

Firmament Withdrawl

Blizzard of Lies

Immortal Harmony

Condemned to Live

Primordial Shivers

Sovereign Reaper

Cloak of Winter

Crossed Out Names

Beyond Enlightenment


In Tears Revealed

Lost Feathers

Without a Whisper of Hope

Colliding Colours

Art of Chaos

Beckoning Beastiality

You are Coming with Me

Chaos Deciphered

Dreamless Eyes

Edge of Sanity


Fear, Pity, Katharsis

Purification Rituals

My Brand of Justice

Moral Commander

Into the Hail of Bullets

Achingly Beautiful

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