A Humble Request


It’s time to catapult civilization into new heights! My mind-bending sci-fi thriller Antler Plan is ready to be Launched. But before that, I’m looking for anyone who would like to read the book in advance. I can send the file in any format in return for an honest review.

Thank you!


Don’t cry. Don’t pout… the jolly one’s watching.

Rovaniemi, Finland, is a town dedicated to Santa Claus with the jolly one’s village at its heart. This is a place for children. A ground zero for Rudolph the Red-Nosed
Reindeer, not terrorism. But for Christmas this year a madman wants to give an
unspeakable biological weapon to re-engineer the world’s children.

Konrad Loki is a charismatic professor with a book of unfathomable secrets.

Ruut Stark, his former student turned military police, can’t even hug her teenage son.

Can this pair survive long enough to stop the unstoppable?

A sci-fi terrorism thriller set in Santa’s village in Lapland. A 400-year old book bound by human skin and mysteries. A biological weapon poised to infect the
world’s children.

Be good. The ‘Antler Plan’ is coming to town…

The cover will be revealed soon.


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